Making arrangements for the children after a family law separation can often be difficult and stressful. Juggling finances, emotions, stress, children and the other parent can be tough. That’s why West Family Lawyers recommend mediation in most cases and after seeking specific legal advice particular to your situation.

We help you by giving advice on such questions like:

  • My child comes back tired and unsettled after spending time with the other parent. Is this normal?
  • My ex parents differently to the way I do? What can I do?
  • We can’t agree on what school our children will go to and who will pay
  • I want to relocate to another state with my child as I am not coping. What are my options?
  • My ex wants to change our child’s surname but I don’t agree

The Family Court decides what it is the child’s best interests and that is different for each family.

If you reach an agreement with the other parent, we can assist by advising on different options for documenting that agreement.

As this is general information only, contact the West Family Lawyers team on 08 9380 9111 for advice on your particular circumstances.