Sometimes, and in certain circumstances, one party may be eligible for spousal maintenance from the other party in the event of a relationship breakdown. What is spousal maintenance? It is generally financial support (either cash or in-kind, or both) that one person pays the other person to help them after a separation.

The Family Court of WA can order one party to pay spousal maintenance to the other, only if one person is unable to support themselves adequately and the other person is reasonably able to provide such support. Sometimes, one party is unable to support themselves adequately but the other party is not financially able to assist. It very much depends on the circumstances of each matter.

Spousal maintenance is often time limited. So for example, one party may pay their ex a sum of money for say 6 months or a year in order to enable them to re-train or study or get back into the workforce.

If spousal maintenance is likely to be a factor in your separation, it is best to get legal advice.

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