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Perth Family Lawyers

West Family Lawyers, which is based in Subiaco, Perth WA, has a strong reputation for excellence. We treat each client with the same high levels of care, empathy and integrity.  We are a small team of highly skilled and approachable professionals, so you can be assured of our personal attention in achieving the best outcome for you and your family.

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Our services cover all aspects of family law including divorce, de facto and married property settlements, superannuation splitting, spousal maintenance, parenting arrangements and child support.  We will guide and support you through even the most complex and challenging family law situation to find a solution that is both practical and fair.  We encourage our clients to prioritise a negotiated settlement over court intervention as this generally leads to better outcomes for the whole family.

Here are some of the areas of family law where West Family Lawyers can help:

When parents separate, sorting out parenting matters can be complicated. If you are unable to agree on arrangements for your children, if you are unsure of your responsibilities and obligations or you wish to formalise an agreement with the other parent, we can help. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of parenting matters and can advise you on a parenting agreement or how to reach one with your ex.

Property Lawyers
When a couple separates, regardless of whether they were married or in a de facto relationship, they generally need to make arrangements regarding the division of their assets and liabilities. You may be surprised to learn that most property matters are settled without court intervention and our skilled team will help you achieve this with a fair and reasonable outcome. We help you understand your rights and entitlements and in the event of a dispute, our property lawyers will guide you through the legal process to resolution.

Consent Orders
We can help you with a consent order for your property division or your parenting matter. In most instances, consent orders can be formalised through an agreement with the other party which is the preferred route as it is far quicker, far less stressful and more cost-effective. If litigation is necessary, our experienced team is well-equipped to assist you through the process. We always encourage parents to seek legal advice as soon as possible – even when they are contemplating separation – as this can expedite a satisfactory resolution without the need for court intervention.

De Facto Lawyers
De facto couples have similar rights and obligations to legally married couples, with some differences. If you separate, our family lawyers can help you work out property or parenting arrangements. We have broad experience in all aspects of breakdowns of de facto relationships, including determining the nature of the relationship, spousal support, financial matters and dispute resolution.

Divorce Lawyers
We understand that divorce can be an extremely challenging, distressing and life-changing event. Our team of empathetic and caring divorce lawyers will ensure that you know your responsibilities, rights and obligations and they will guide you through the process step-by-step. Getting a divorce is a separate legal process from property, spousal support or parenting matters and it is important to know that the timing of your divorce can have a material bearing on some of these matters.

Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance is generally a periodic payment made by one party to the other party for a period of time, and is made with purpose. It is important to know your rights, entitlements and obligations with regards to your unique situation as early on as possible. Our experienced spousal maintenance lawyers can help you navigate this challenging path and reach a resolution with as little time and cost as possible.

Child Support Lawyers
Our team understands that child support can be contentious. Not all parents understand that they each have a responsibility to support their child or children financially and they are often unable to reach an agreement on child support. We have broad experience in assisting parents navigate child support disputes as well as in drafting child support agreements.

Court Appeal
An appeal against a Family Court ruling is possible if the court can be convinced that it has made a significant error of law or fact. If you wish to appeal on this basis, our specialist family lawyers can help you lodge an appeal within the required time limit.

Why Choose West Family Lawyers?

If you choose West Family Lawyers, you are assured of a small, focused and knowledgeable team who will be resolute in safeguarding your interests. We promise the highest professional expertise and extensive experience together with genuine listening, compassion and empathy as we work hard to achieve the best solution.

Our track record and reputation stand as testimony to our commitment and abilities in every aspect of family law in Perth.

Why you need a family lawyer

Family law situations can be complicated and heightened emotions can negatively impact decision-making. A skilled family lawyer offers a steady hand to guide you through the regulatory process to ensure the best outcome, even when the challenges seem insurmountable.
A family lawyer will help you understand your rights and obligations. They will advocate for you, ensure procedures and paperwork are completed appropriately, provide objective guidance and practical support and give you peace-of-mind at a time when you can feel overwhelmed.

Whether you are in dispute with your ex-partner or the other parent or whether you are able to reach agreement amicably, experience shows that it is always an advantage to have a family lawyer on your side.