Our Story

West Family Lawyers is a law firm that operates exclusively in family law, and are Perth family lawyers that operate with care, integrity and strength.

West Family Lawyers is a firm that offers its clients and staff a flexible and positive working environment.

It is source of pride that most of the clients at West Family Lawyers have been referred by former or current clients.

Lawyers at West Family Lawyers have the experience and qualifications to manage complicated property and parenting matters. There is a broad and complimentary skill set across the team.

If you become a client of West Family Lawyers, you can expect to the legal team to be practical, approachable and advise in a non-legal and direct manner. You will learn about the legal process and you will receive support and guidance, with a view to achieving a fair outcome, preferably by way of settlement.

West Family Lawyers – divorce lawyers that Perth families respect, because we are lawyers that care, have integrity and demonstrate strength in representing clients. You can see the lawyers’ individual profiles here.

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