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Care, Integrity and Strength.

West Family Lawyers
Care, Integrity and Strength.

West Family Lawyers for all your Perth Family Law concerns
Care, Integrity and Strength.

Divorce Lawyers Perth: Live in Daglish? Need A Quality Family Lawyer?

Get an Experienced Family Lawyer on Your Side. We’ll Help You Navigate Your Family Law Issues

Do you need assistance, supportive advice and decisive action-oriented legal paths to follow?

By getting in touch with our Perth Family Lawyers at West Family Lawyers, you’ll work with a lawyer whose expertise will enable you to deal with the process of family law matters such as parenting, consent orders and financial separation.
Let’s face it… separation from a long-term relationship is messy, difficult, and an emotional roller coaster.

If you are dealing with:

  • anger,
  • frustration,
  • fear,
  • loneliness,
  • resentment,
  • embarrassment,
  • denial,
  • despair,
  • And hope for a new beginning

Our professional lawyers at West Family Lawyers will provide you with empathy and discretion to work towards a positive outcome. We’ll provide you with reassuring support and confidence building information as we navigate together through the decisions and processes you need to complete.

Family Lawyers in Daglish: Daglish is a tiny western suburb of Perth, Western Australia’s capital. It is located roughly 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) west of Perth’s core business district and is administered by the City of Subiaco. It was named after
Henry Daglish, the Mayor of Subiaco, a member of the Subiaco electoral district, and Western Australia’s Premier from 1904 to 1905. In response to population expansion in the neighboring neighborhood of Subiaco,
the Daglish railway station built in 1924. The next year, the Subiaco Municipality purchased the property west of the railway station to sell for homes. Over the next 20 years, progress was made.
The first phase of construction near the train station followed garden suburb ideas, with big lots and gardens, curving roadways, and plenty of green space. The neighbourhood has important heritage significance today
because of its homogeneous streetscape, with the majority of original residences still intact. According to the 2016 Australian census, it has a population of 1419 people. The Cliff Sadlier VC Memorial Park
is Daglish’s largest park.
Originally, it was a water compensation basin managed by the Metropolitan Water Supply, Sewerage, and Drainage Board. Daglish does not have any schools, however there are a number of schools nearby.
Daglish is served by Jolimont Primary School, which is located just north of the neighborhood.

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With years of experience in helping individuals separate, no matter your background we have the expertise to help.

If we haven’t seen it directly before, we know of it and what to do.

West Family Lawyers will help you understand, plan and action what you need to do in terms of

  • Organising Your Children’s Living Arrangements
  • Separation of Property and Financial Entanglement
  • Future financial arrangements and agreements on parenting.

Perth Family lawyers, that provide Care, Integrity & Strength

Our Perth Family lawyers perform the vital role of guiding people through all stages of the separation process, which includes separating assets, help with child support obligations, and negotiations for care arrangements for the children.

We assist you by providing a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities under family law and helping you apply these to your situation so you can deal with difficult situations effectively.

Our Perth family law solicitors Mark Cheveralls, Natalie Dimmock and Melissa Milne are on hand to help you through this process and will guide you every step of the way.

Our expert legal advice can provide you comfort in difficult situations.
Our team work with you as you experience the grief and sadness from going through the process of a family breakdown and provide relief and hope for the future.

Our Perth family lawyers will advise you of things like your rights after divorce, custody issues including shared parental responsibility which means you as parents will be negotiating major decisions for your children.

Perth family lawyers have experience in advising in child handover arrangements, parenting plans and a lot of other aspects that are related to your divorce situation.

We are professionals who know how to advocate for you in court or negotiate settlements.
Our goal is for the best possible outcome for your children, you and your family.

During these trying times, West Family Lawyers will help you resolve the conflicts and help navigate a divorce, remarriage, child custody issues or relationships assets that must be divided.

Our teams goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for your children, you and your family. Our expertise allows us to advocate fo you in court or when negotiating settlements.

West Australian Family law may seem complicated when there is a divorce, a remarriage, child custody issues or relationship assets that must be divided. However, at West Family lawyers Perth, we help you resolve the conflicts that arise from these trying times.

No Fault Divorce – What Does This Mean For Separation & Divorce in Perth WA?

“No-Fault-Divorce” means you do not need a justifiable cause in order to apply for divorce.

You only require to have been separated for 1 year.

You can get divorced in Australia even if you were married elsewhere.

You may also apply for divorce in Australia in a foreign country, provided that your foreign marriage is recognised in that country.

In an application for divorce, the Court will only consider if the marital relationship has irrevocably broken down.
Before, or after filing for a divorce (time limits apply), either party may make an application to the Family Court of Western Australia for the division of property and spousal maintenance. There is no minimum waiting period. West Family Lawyers can assist in this process to calculate what’s fair and appropriate and assist with these submissions.

The process of applying for a divorce does not need to be complicated. West Family lawyers Perth will help you to understand your rights and the process to ensure that the application is done correctly.

  • A divorce can be filed individually (called a sole application) or together with the former partner (joint application)
  • A divorce application is generally made online through the ECourts portal
  • The applicant will have to pay the appropriate filing fee to apply for the divorce
  • In the case of a solo application, your application must be served (given) to the other after filing it with the Court. This communication is essential as the court will not grant a divorce unless you can prove you have served these documents.
  • If you are unable to serve or locate your former partner, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experienced Family Lawyers so that we can assist you.
Family Court Lawyers Perth

Child Custody Laws Perth: Decisions About Our Children

The Family Court decides a child’s care arrangements if the separating parents cannot come to a parenting agreement. It is often better to reach an agreement than litigate, but sometimes there is no option but to seek the assistance of the Court.

The home life of your child is critical to their wellbeing. It is important that the court is made aware of any factors which may impact your child in a parent’s care.

As experienced child custody lawyers in Perth, we can help comprehensively present your case and help ensure that your child is in the best possible care arrangement.

Following separation, it is important that appropriate arrangements are put in place for your children, including:

  • Who the children live with
  • Who the children spend time with, and for how long
  • Travel arrangements, including interstate and overseas travel
  • The primary and high schools that the children will attend
  • Arrangements for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and birthdays
  • Specific issues, such as medical treatment

Court orders and Parenting Plans are legal documents that outline the arrangements for the children. These agreements can be either by consent or following litigation. In our Family Lawyers Perth office, we assist you with arrangements for the children as per your individual requirements from an experienced team of Family Lawyers.

Perth Family Law: Do I Qualify For, or Will I Need to Pay Spousal Maintenance?

When a marriage or de facto relationship comes to an end, in some circumstances, one party may be eligible for spousal maintenance from the other party.

So, what is spousal maintenance? It is generally financial support (either cash or in-kind, or both) that one person pays the other to help them after separation.

For example, you may be eligible for spousal maintenance if:

  • You have little or no income of your own
  • You are unable to support yourself financially due to a physical or mental condition
  • You need further education or training in order to find employment.

Alternatively, if the above conditions describe your ex-partners situation, you may need to pay spousal maintenance for a time, depending on your own finances.

At West family Lawyers Perth, our goal is to help you understand family law and how it applies to your personal situation.

Child Support Lawyer

We will strive to deliver the best possible outcome for you and your family. Our Perth Family Lawyers Mark Cheveralls, Melissa Milne and Natalie Dimmock, plus their support team, is committed to providing you with the legal advice and representation necessary to protect your best interests.

We provide a range of Family Law services for Singles, Couples, and Families in Perth – giving our clients peace of mind knowing we have them covered.

We will strive to deliver the best possible outcome for you and your family. Our Perth Family Lawyers Mark Cheveralls, Melissa Milne and Natalie Dimmock, plus their support team, is committed to providing you with the legal advice and representation necessary to protect your best interests.

We provide a range of Family Law services for Singles, Couples, and Families in Perth – giving our clients peace of mind knowing we have them covered.

Family Law Lawyers Perth

Why use West Family Lawyers?

  1. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome. We provide expert Family Law advice and excel in Family Court disputes. Our Family Lawyers Perth team understands how emotional this time is for you, ensuring that we put you and your family’s needs first.

  2. Our Family Lawyers Perth team is committed to helping you resolve Family Law disputes as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We combine our Family Lawyers Perth expertise with the best legal resources, technology, and Family Law knowledge to deliver exceptional service at a competitive price.

  3. We genuinely care about the work we do and will always go above and beyond to help you reach a fair resolution. Our lawyers will make every effort to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible to ensure we can keep costs to a minimum. We pride ourselves on practicing family law with a high level of integrity and will demonstrate strength if we need to represent you in WA’s Family Court.

Understanding your specific circumstances is one of our Perth Family Lawyers goals, to enable us to provide the right advice and guidance and reduce the stress and emotion.

To find out more about how we can help you deal with your Family Law requirements, contact West Family Lawyers and speak to us today!

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