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Parenting Agreements in Harrisdale, Perth

Stop the confusion, anxiety, stress and distress of parenting after a relationship breakdown. West Family Lawyers can provide legal help for Parenting Agreements in Harrisdale for your children.

Whether you live in rural WA, Perth or Harrisdale, Parenting arrangements, agreements, plans give you and your children’s other parent(s) certainty about what is required and what is expected. It provides a clear basis for calm communication when times can be difficult.

Bringing on board an experienced legal team to provide clarity and direction in resolving parenting plans and responsibilities and difficult parenting issues relieves stress and uncertainty painting a clear pathway through issues.

We can assist you with

Parent Agreements Make Life Simpler For Parents and Their Children By Providing Clarity

When referring to the care of children, the traditional word used was ‘custody’. Today, the Family Court deals with:

  1. ‘Equal Shared Parental Responsibility’ (ESPR) – the overarching rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority parents have to make the significant decisions about their children (medical, education, religion, cultural, living, names);
  2. ‘Live with’ – where children shall live, and with whom; and
  3. ‘Spend time’ – where, when and with whom the child shall spend their time.

Each parent has Equal Shared Parental Responsibility irrespective of whether they are married or not, living together or separated, whether or not they have been involved in the child’s upbringing, and even if a parent is in prison, relocated interstate or overseas, or is mentally ill. A court order is required for a parent’s responsibility for their child to change.

Well Negotiated Parenting Agreements Provide Clarity to Both Parents and Stability for Children

Common Parenting Agreements for Harrisdale

  • Alternate Weekend – Shared Custody Arrangement
  • Alternate Weeks – Joint Custody Arrangement
  • Alternating Weeks with a Visit Parenting Arrangement
  • School Holidays Parenting Arrangement
  • Two-Two-Three Parenting Arrangement
  • Parents Moving In and Out of the Children’s House Arrangement

Negotiating Parenting Agreements

As no two family situations are the same, negotiating and agreeing on Parenting Agreements is not easy for anyone.

Especially if it is something you have never gone through before. We understand this and have years of experience with hundreds of successfully negotiated Parenting Agreements. We can assist with guiding you through any consent orders required.

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